Building up a solid export business is not done on the spur of the moment but instead requires clearly defined tasks, goals and a comprehensive knowledge of the market as well as market observations. Export requires a special understanding not just of the cultural environments but also the political and economic structures. Certifications have to be organised, language barriers overcome, trends observed.

The work carried out by the agricultural marketing association Marketinggesellschaft der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V. (AMV) has increasingly focused on export and export advice over the last few years and will play an even more important role in the years to come. This is because, despite the fact that the food production sector in Germany records the highest turnover within the manufacturing industry and has numerous state-of-the-art production facilities available, the development of business overseas can only be described as rather halting to date. The food industry as an export market is often still underdeveloped. Tapping into new target markets abroad also contributes to higher numbers of employees in the long term, thereby securing jobs within Germany.

The food sector in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is characterised by small and medium-sized businesses. Only about 2.5% are large businesses that are often managed and administered via their own corporate structures and independently develop their own export relationships. From the perspective of the AMV, one important task is to support small and medium-sized businesses with their export activities and to provide practical and suitable measures to develop and secure their business overseas.

The AMV is the largest network in the food production sector in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and sees itself as a guide, pooling the export interests of its members and supporting them in their involvement in overseas markets. The AMV seeks funds from the state government for comprehensive support to develop a targeted, medium-term export strategy for 2025. The network of the AMV is very well suited to act throughout Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as a partner and mediator between the food production sector and food trades and the state government.